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What are good Youtube channels in German?


I'm trying to improve my listening skills by watching Youtube videos. Here's an example of what I'm looking for : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PB6dUaS92eM&

Do you know any good Youtube channel of this kind in German ? It could be about football, sport, movies, etc.

I'm not trying to understand everything, I'm still a newbie, just to familiarize myself with how the language sounds.

Thanks !

December 21, 2017



There is a guy called "Get Germanized!" h helps you increase your vocabulary and has funny videos in German. Like, pen pinapple apple pen.


There is a site called "Deutsch fuer euch".


Channel: Learn German with Jenny.
This is a serious German language learning channel.
Different kinds of playlists. Also different levels from A1 onwards.
Also has listening content.


You can join my server and find more than 50 quality channels just for German, carfully selected, organized by level of difficulty, and it will also automatically notify you when a new video is uploaded.


(we also have the same setup for all other languages)


It really depends on what you're interested in. Personally for me, I look up videos that correspond to my interests. Gaming, vlogs, soccer/football, interviews, movie trailers, anime or even videos where the person is just staring at the camera talking about a topic.

Just look up something that you're interested in and add "deutsch" to your search (Ex: (Topic) Deutsch)


Thanks everyone for all your replies !


I really like the "German with a German" series by Flula on Youtube. It's not for overall German lessons, but he teaches German colloquialisms. He sounds them out really well. He's also got some silly videos where he explains his confusion over American colloquialisms, as he takes them literally, like "party pooper" :-)


I enjoyed¨ DeutschPlus¨. Drama series from 90s

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