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"Please help me buy some things."


December 21, 2017



Is 一些 necessary here?


it is as you want to specify that there are a few things (due to "some"). If you omit 一些 the number of things can be inferred to be one, some, or many.


Yes it is. It means some, without 一些is 'buy things'


请帮助我买一些东西 vs. 请帮我买一些东西 What's the difference? Is the first one incorrect?


帮助 = rendering assistance.
帮我 can mean "do for me", The translation of "please help me buy some things" is actually slightly off. More often the translation should be closer to "please buy some things for me".


My lucky guess is that both sentences are correct.


I'm doing the checkpoint test, so I don't know all these words, but I knew "Please", "Me", and "Things" and 一些 looked like it could mean "things," due to the 一 and I guessed 买 for "buy" and "帮" for help and put the words in an order that made sense, expecting to lose a heart, but instead got it correct!


Is yi necessary. Can we say only xie instead


It's very informal to leave it out. i.e. you mean to say whether this is accepted: 请帮助我买些东西 Generally speaking you would say it that way to people you're familiar with. It's not unheard of to say it to strangers, but it's very informal and you generally wouldn't speak like that with people you don't know.

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