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How fluent does completing the Duolingo German, French, and Spanish tree make you?

Hi How fluent does completing the Duolingo German, French, and Spanish tree make you? For a scale, my high school offers Spanish 1-5, and then Spanish AP, and French 1-5 and then French AP, as well as German 1-5, and AP.

In Spanish 1, we learned basic verb conjugations, maybe 200 nouns like "dulces" and some real-life phrases for birthday parties, and ordering food.

How fluent will finishing the tree make me? in terms of class, like French 2, Spanish 5, German 3.

December 21, 2017


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More fluent than you were before you started. ;-)


You can't use only Duolingo and expect to be any kind of fluent.


I don't recommend assessing fluency in terms of test scores. I've known a lot of people who can test reasonably well in a language, yet can't carry on a conversation and struggle to understand native speakers. Some people can test decently yet struggle even to communicate things in ways that native speakers understand them because their accent is so bad.

Also, in hindsight, my high school language classes weren't really worth that much. I took three years of German, but I think I learned more German by being around spoken German in my home, and traveling to Germany twice, than I did at school. Foreign languages in school also taught me a lot of bad habits that I had to work to unlearn, because I was surrounded by other learners and constantly made to converse or do exercises with them, picking up their bad accents, bad word choices, etc.

Also, AP tests are a skill in and of themselves. If you're good at taking tests, you'll score better at them than if you aren't, even with a similar level of knowledge of the language.

My intuition though is that if you really exhaust what DuoLingo is to offer (this might take a couple years or more of practice though), and you're someone who tests well, and you go into the test relaxed and confident, you'll have no trouble scoring a 4 or 5 in these languages. Will you be fluent though? No.

I recommend stopping thinking about the test and instead finding some other way to measure your ability. Can you watch news broadcasts or TV shows or movies and catch almost everything? Can you converse with native speakers of these languages naturally and without strain? Can you read and write just about any material you would want to in the language? That's fluency, and by trying to do these things, you can get a good sense of how close you are getting to it, or how far you are from it. Using real-world language ability as your measuring stick will probably get you better results.

And if you get to the point of being actually fluent (which will require a lot of immersion, DuoLingo can just be a booster or jump start) AND you are good at taking tests, you'll have no trouble acing all three of those tests.


This is the German branch. This needs to go to full disscusion english


In German if you study everything, you will have A2, some of the B1 grammar, but some areas such as listening comprehension are not very good in Duolingo so you need to study that in other places.

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