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  5. No christmas skill in 2017?


No christmas skill in 2017?

So I missed the christmas skill last year, and I was waiting for it all year. But neither in Spanish, nor in French nor Italian can I find a christmas skill in the shops. Will there be one this year?

December 21, 2017



I heard in another discussion that there won't be this year, last years apparently had a problem and was taken down almost as soon as it was put up, unless they've fixed that or something then don't bother expecting one. Although it would be great if they could upload it even if it would be quite late.


I've been checking the store everytime I come and checking the forum for a post that will say :Yeah the Christmas skill is finally here!. But we have not gotten that post yet :p.


OMG me too! It was broken last year and I have been logging in every day (or more than once per day) this year to be sure I can get the last of the three Spanish bonus skills. I finished my tree over a year ago.


Apparently there were problems last year with the Christmas skills, which is unfortunate because I quite enjoyed them. I had also checked the store of my Spanish to French course, and nada. Would be awesome if they brought them back!


A Holidays Skill would be really cool, kinda bummed I missed it last year...


I don't think so... and some people have been bullying and harassing me for asking... so I will just sink back and try not to cry about the things they are saying (seriously, I just asked why they weren't coming back --and why my questions kept getting deleted-- and I was sent so much hate that I just want to delete my account).


If you are being sent hate, report it. I think the reason why people may have gotten frustrated is because this question has been asked multiple times with the same responses. Though, that does not excuse bullying, so I will say to just ignore what people say to you online. Those are just cowardly words from cowardly people because they don't have the courage to say it to your face. But, still take threats or any harmful words with caution by letting a moderator or administrator know about your experience. ^ ^


I'm with you, Hermione! I want the final skill to complete my tree. I was really looking forward to it, and we were unable to get it last year. :(

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