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Pay once per year instead of once per month

I would like a subscription to duolingo for one year for $4.99 per month. I would like to do this with one payment for $59.88. I do not see how to do this from your website (there seems only to be one choice: paying once per month.) How can I change this to pay once per year.

-sarah114666 sarah.eckhause@gmail.com

December 21, 2017



It is not a good idea to post your email address on the internet like this. The DuoLingo forums are viewable by anyone on the internet and indexed by search engines, so you make your email address available for auto-harvest by spammers.


When using the app, it popped up occasionally (until I bought it). If you're using the desktop, try swapping to the app for a few lessons. (Note: Works on IOS; don't know about Android)


Also, please don't post your personal email in the forums. It puts you at risk.

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