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Turkey time zone: UTC + 3 not UTC + 2

A month or so ago, I lost my more than 300-day streak. Before that, I had used to lose some days but protected with Streak Freeze. I had been confused about them.

Last weekend, I noticed that the weekend challenge ends at 11:00 PM local time, not at at midnight. Local time is UTC + 3 here in Turkey, not UTC + 2. UTC + 3 was adopted about 15 months ago.

Anyways, I contacted Duolingo support about the issue immediately after I lost my streak but did not get any response: neither positive nor negative.

Anyone who came across the same or a similar issue out there?

December 21, 2017



Yes. I've had similar issues in crossing time zones. Duolingo doesn't seem able to adapt to it well.


My Duo day ends at 11:00 PM on PC and at midnight on Android app. So, while I'm typing this (at 23:16) I am sort of in the twilight zone between two days.

I've noticed that almost immediately when I came to Duo, so I figured I'll be on the safe side if I finish my objective earlier. Say, by noon. Then I don't care if my last workout in the day will go for today or for tomorrow.


Hi Peter, you are right to be on the safe side. But some days may be too hectic to catch up with Duo earlier :)


True. But then, who cares about streaks anyway? It's the knowledge we're after, isn't it? Not the bells and whistles ;)


Not the lingots but the days matter: it happened 17 days before a 365-day streak!... ;)


your right peter very true point

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