"These products are good."

Translation:Ces produits sont bons.

December 21, 2017

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These products are good Ces products sont bien not accepted


There is a grey area here.

The choice between "bien" and "bons" will depend on the nature of the products.

If they are food products, "bons" will be the right adjective and it will mean "tasty" or "edible" (expiry date not reached).

If they are more technical products, "bien" will probably be better. "Mon téléphone est bien" works and "mon téléphone est un bon produit" will mean the same thing. But you won't say "mon téléphone est bon", unless you add what it is good at, like "mon téléphone est bon pour les photos".


More gray, what a lovely, nuanced puzzle French is!
I'll never be bored.


products isn't a French word → "produits". I don't see why "bien" wouldn't be acceptable as an adjective here.


No, bien ≠ good in this sentence...

Bon is usually an adjective and bien is usually an adverb. They correspond "roughly" to the English good/well.

One could say: ces produits sont bien emballés / these products are well packaged, where bien is modifying emballés.

C'est bien/c'est bon = It's good.

C'est bien.

  • to express an opinion.
    Le film ? C'était vraiment bien ! / The movie? It was really good!

C'est bon.

  • to express a physical sensation (taste, touch, etc.)
    La soupe ? C'est bon ! / The soup? It's good!

  • when something is ready or to give a green light to something
    For example, after verifying everything is ready for a trip. C'est bon ! = It's ready, we can go.


Good point. Cheers for the correction ☺


Trying to work quickly, I sometimes insert English into a French translation, so when I entered 'ces products sont bons' I was surprised to get a 'you have a typo' message and acceptance of my translation


Ces produits sont bon was wrong. Why bien and not bon?


bons - you forgot the plural ending on the adjective "bon".


J'ai la meme question.


Ces produit son bien - bien does not have a different plural form. It does not differ with genders of numbers - it is a static adverb that is sometimes used as an adjective (see Sitesurf's response near the top of this thread).

However, If you typed Ces produit son bon - bon is an adjective that obeys all the rules of agreement (eg bonne / *bonnes if fem sing. / feminine plural ... etc).

In this instance "Ces produits" is pluaral = "These products" so, if you use the adjective "bon", it must be masculine plural - bons.

Therefore Ces produits sont bons is correct.

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