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The incubator...

Just a quick question how long does it usually take for the Duolingo team to get back to you/ accept you to contribute to a language or even start a new language course?

December 21, 2017



It depends on the language. If the language is one of your own invention, then you're likely never to get a reply. If you apply to a language already in the incubator, then the mod(s) of that course has/have to answer you, you'll likely have to wait a long time because there are hundreds of incubator applications. To start a new language, e.g Afrikaans, well, see this.


then the mod(s) of that course has/have to answer you

Where is that stated???


I'm not sure it's stated anywhere, but anyone with access to the incubator can confirm it.


... or deny it.

It just sounds like a very high (and unlikely) burden to put on the existing mods/contributors of the course. Are they really going to send out hundred of rejection emails?

If someone from the Incubator want to chip in - great. In the mean time, a claim has been made, and I don't think it is unreasonable for me to ask for a source for the claim.

PS: My current understanding is the same as that of b05aplmun.ca and that hardly anyone receives an answer. Only those chosen do.


It's true, the course moderators get to send out invites. But they don't compose emails, they can just click an "accept" or "reject" button, which sends an automated email.

Not all teams actively keep track of new applications. There is also a chance that they're not looking for new team members at the moment, but they might keep your application (i.e. not reject it) for the future.


Thanks for the response.

I didn't realise you actively reject people.

In the forums, you only hear from people who never got a response. Although there might be a selection bias there - as rejected people may not want to come to the forums and share the fact.

Still it doesn't sound like the mods/contributors have to respond as such.


the claim was rather unfortunately expressed. it is true that if you are to ever get an answer for an application to an existing course, it must be the mod(s) for that course to do the clicking on it. but nobody can make them. their time, their schedule.

we lowly contributors just have a button "recommend". clicking it makes the application float towards the top, just after those already recommended by more people or by more important people, not sure which.


Thanks for the information. I didn't know about the 'recommend' button either.


They will not get back to you at all until/if they decide to develop the course. In that case, they will pick out two contributors and put them in charge of choosing the rest of the team. I believe that only contributors who are chosen are notified.

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