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How do I get more motivation to learn French?

I've been learning French for weeks because I love its culture and its own language! But currently, I've been losing my interest of French every day. Do you have ways to keep you motivated everyday to learn a language? If so, could you share your ways to me?

December 21, 2017



just think of your goals and think of how cool it would be to be bilingual and be able to impress people. Imagine your goals in French and go for them!


Wish that you could learn to watch this without subtitles xD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoyvdkWSPNg


That is hilarious. Merci de partage !


Hahaha! cette vidéo est vraiment drôle! XDDDD


Taisez vous! Taisez vous! Haha


Ask yourself how someone who enjoys learning French would act. Then act that way.

My habits are definitely not perfect, but the idea of "fake it till you make it" is one I use often.


Weeks??!! You are only a baby.

I became enthralled with the French language after travelling through Africa in a Land Rover with my husband in 1986 (n.b. most African countries speak French, very familiar, colloquial French).

Started and stopped trying to learn French more times than I can count (I even had a really early version of Rosetta Stone French 1 and 2 which doesn't work on Windows 10. Continued on & off during the nineties while we had two young boys. (Tried to get them interested - no luck; they later both took Japanese at High School - the only language on offer). Continued to flick back to Rosetta Stone until it no longer would load on my computer.

Found Duolingo in 2014 and was lucky enough to enjoy it in its prime with activity streams (have made some lasting friendships across the globe) and immersion. It is great that they have added French Stories, and are soon going to be adding levels to the lessons.

Learning another language really is hard yakka and if you find it hard to be motivated after only a number of weeks, perhaps it isn't the language for you. You have to really want to understand the language. Everything about French fascinates me though I know I may never be fluent. That interest keeps me active.

Bonne chance ! ☺


You're right, maybe I truly have to look deeper into the language itself. Maybe I will have some luck trying to look for spots of interest I like. Maybe, the problem is, that I am lazy... Whenever I try to draw, I always get lazy, and whenever I try do it, I keep thinking to myself "I will fail, I will fail" over and over. Not only that, when I look upon the artists greater than me, I always envy them for their skill and greatness. It's the same thing with languages, there's always someone who is greater than you. And I feel the same way, jealous.

I'm sorry if I was off track a bit, I was just realizing that maybe it is because I am lazy.

Thank you for some tips and advice, merci beaucoup!


Oh my, you don't seem lazy to me, but laking in self-confidence! Don't let those nasty voices inside or outside your head take you down. You're the best You there is or ever was in this world. And the even better news are you have the power to become an even better version of yourself!

I feel your pain, as I stopped myself for years from drawing, for the exact reason that "I couldn't be as good as I should have been". My insanely talented cousin once told me one simple thing: "What do you have to lose?" The answer being a sheet of paper and a little bit of free time, I tried. Years later, I still don't draw as well as I'd like, but it had given me so much pleasure, and nobody got hurt :)

On the same note, I thought for years (cough decades) that my gift with languages began and ended with English, that I love dearly, but I lived in the regret of not having a grasp on German. Then Duolingo happened. You can do it!

As the others told you, all you have to do is find a way to reward you when it gets tough. Get as more French as possible into your daily life, do what you love, only do it in French. And talk. Talk to yourself if you have no better choice. Write also, I'd suggest at least a sentence a day about your learning journey (you guessed it, write it in French). Make mistakes, nothing wrong with that! In a few months time, when you'll no longer struggle to remember the most common words or structures, when you'll find yourself articulating more elaborate thought, and you'll review your first clumsy (but worthy) attempts, you'll be filled with rightful pride. It would be ideal too if you could find a French penfriend (or videochat friend in our modern days), learning English on your level, interested in the same topics as you. In this day and age, that should be easy.

Bon courage ! Tu peux le faire !


I'm sorry if I wasn't checking this discussion earlier. Thank you so much for the help and encouragement you've given me, merci beaucoup!


No worry Jaecelle, life happens, I know. I'm a French girl, if it matters. I know my beautiful and frustrating tongue is not easy. But if you really love the culture behind it, you'll get through. You're worth everything you want, don't doubt! I've lost so much time to the naysayers :)

Je te souhaite une très belle année 2018 :)


First, I think it is important to make future goals. Why do you want to learn French? Do you want to be able to communicate with someone in the language? Enjoy a book in French? Watch movies that aren't dubbed and/or subtitled? Do you have professional aspirations where French would be useful? A desire to explore the culture without the filter of a translation? Future travel plans to a French speaking country? A wish to make friends?

Whatever your goal(s), keep that in the front of your mind.

Because... it is work. Hard work. Not all aspects of learning a language are fun. Memorizing verb conjugations by heart is not entertaining. Learning the grammar rules and when to apply the exceptions can be frustrating at times. Granted, many aspects are very enjoyable, especially as you master the basics, but it is challenging at first. Don't get discouraged because...

ONCE you start noticing the progress towards your goal, it becomes very, very exciting! It is hard to describe the pleasure of being able to read an entire article for the first time in French and understand it completely. The times that you communicate entirely in French, and you understand AND you are understood are thrilling. Along the way, you may make friends and that too is very rewarding as you share aspects of your culture and language.

My advice is to stick to it knowing that you will reap the benefits for your hard work. Also, find specific things that you love about French and sprinkle your studies with that, be it music, cultural tidbits, movies, food, fashion, history, etc...

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Cher Jaecelle. I studied French in middle school; my teacher was native French, and she was very exacting, but enthousiastic. My memories of her always give me a smile and a bit of motivation. Since discovering Duolingo, I have learned much more. I joined early, and liked to translate articles that interested me: history, technology, space, all subjects I also enjoy in English. I also like listening to music, and (outside of Duolingo,) have learned a lot about French popular music over the last 50 years. I especially like listening to the songs of Ye ye singers from the 1960s, and recently, Zaz and Indila.
Finally, I also enjoy watching french TV shows. This one has fifteen minute episodes, Sherlock Yack, Zoo Detective - an animated show about a yak who runs a zoo and solves crimes with his sidekick, a stoat.
What interests you about French? Choose some aspect of French culture that you enjoy, and make it your own - study it in French; a little bit of Duolingo, each day goes a long way! Bonne chance !


thank you so much for sharing Sherlock Yack! What a superb Christmas present! How to repay such an awesome find...well I hope I can tell you show you some of my favorite choses en Francais. There are some amazing french short films Juste Amis, The Piano Tuner (L'accordeur) and J'atteindre le suivant that's prolly misspelled I'll wait for the next. Musically there is fantastic thread about french music in the discussion boards. My fave song in it is Jacques Dutronc Et moi, et moi et moi. I hope you give these a try and thank you so much for your suggestion. there is also a french band called Soggy but its kinda hardcore and they sing in English. Merry Christmas


There is a super fantastic song of the day thread that has all these amazing french artists. It has helped me alot this month. It got me looking into french bands and I found this insanely good band called Soggy. Check out Waiting for the war! I'm always looking for short films and i found another great one. J'attrendrai le suivant. I dont understand French humor yet but I think this is supposed to be funny. Its so not funny but it's a powerful piece of filmmaking. I also do Lingvist app and its helping me stay engaged. Bonne Chance!


Yes, e.g join my Lingvist challenge :)

Learn ~(3000-)5000 words in 11 days on Lingvist until end of this year (2017): https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25606961 (URL updated)

Or hook up on French podcasts (text and translation alone probably is too boring):

Innovative language / Pod101 holiday deals: 55% Premium/24mon, 47% plans ending 12/26/2017 23:59pm US EST: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25632146

Proably there are also other free French pods, but you would have to search for yourself...

I can also suggest this 100 days free www.50languages.com audio MP3 course, recorded by natives. It also provides a text script for each day and the sentences are not too short (there are also user-created "50 languages" courses on Memrise to review in SR, but you would need a few user scripts to have them working fine)

Or join a DuoLingo French learning club on the mobile apps, to compete with other club members for XP on a weekly basis!


Sorry, my Lingvist 2017 challenge link was the wrong one: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25606961


Language Transfer free 20 tracks audio course "Introduction to French": https://www.languagetransfer.org/introduction-to-french


Watching French youtubers. Then it depends of the kind of things that interest you in life, watching the French equivalent is always nice.


What is their channel name? I really want to check them out!


I'm not very savvy regarding YT channels, but if you told me about your tastes, I'd be glad to check for something that might interest you. Also, would you like to know about a few singers with interesting, language appropriate lyrics?

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