"Ela está de bom humor hoje."

Translation:She is in a good mood today.

April 10, 2014


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"she is in good spirits today" lost a heart. As a native English speaker, I reported my answer saying it should be accepted. We shall see.


I don't really get why you wouldn't just type in something to do with mood or humour, knowing that duolingo is a website, not a real person who 'knows what you mean'. She is in a good mood is a pretty normal thing for a native speaker to say don't you think...?


Accepted today (Nov 2017) so thanks for reporting :-)


Why is "She is in good mood today" is wrong?


Is this actually how 'humor' sounds in Portuguese? I know the 'h' is nothing like the same as English, often silent, but it sounds like 'more' to me. not sure if it's bad audio or correct, if someone could help that would be great!


Yeah, the U sound is barely audible.


I’m not a native, but remember that in Portuguese, words ending with "r" are stressed on the last syllabe, so it makes sense that it sounds like "more". The English word "humour" is stressed on the first syllabe, so it doesn’t sound alike.


Why "She has a good humour today" is not accepted, in Poland I was learn that form and always I thought "is in or have a good humour" means the same.


We just don't say that in English... We would be most likely to say "she is in a good mood", rather than "in a good humour", that's a very old fashioned way of speaking.

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