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"The weather now is dry and also cool."


December 22, 2017



What about 现在天气又干燥又凉快 ... should also be correct, no?


I was going to ask the same thing. I think so.


Nowhere in this sentence did you put the word "very". And then the Chinese translation is expected to have it?


When an adjective is used as a verb, it can't stand on its own under normal circumastances. You have to add a so-called "adverb of degree" (very, really, quite etc.). 很 is the weakest of these, it only really corresponds to English "very" when it's especially emphasised. Otherwise it's more of a placeholder and should not be translated to English at all.


我很好 =/= very good 我非常好= Very good You basically have to live with this rule.

[deactivated user]

    I understand 非常 to have the meaning of "to an extraordinary or exceptional degree". I think to a degree stronger than that expressed by 很.

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