"How much ore do we have?"

Translation:Cât de mult minereu avem?

December 22, 2017

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Why is ”Cât de mult minereu avem noi?” wrong?


Noi isn't necessary but it's not wrong.


Shouldn't it be "Cât de multe minereuri avem?"


A very good question for a very delicate matter!

In Romanian, your form is expressing a question on how many types of ore there are.

The original translation is about the amount of it, regardless of their type.

It makes a lot of sense to me as a native, but I'm not sure how clear it is for you.


Thank you - this is the kind of subtle thing that isn't always so obvious to people learning a second language but which adds extra colour to communication. And yes, your explanation makes perfect sense (to me, at least).


Yes "minereu" is used here as un uncountable noun. It's pretty much used the same as in English. You ask how much ore we have, not how much ores.


In a previous sentence it was declared wrong because I did not use "noi" since the verb was conjugated in first plural (extragem).Now I used "noi" and it is wrong!Please tell me the rules for the usage of personal pronouns. I'm very confused!


I think it's because as someone commented, in Romanian, you don't put the subject directly after a "questioning" word like "Cum" or "Cât". So in that example, you had to put the subject "noi" after the verb "extragem", leave it out, or place it before the questioning word "Cum". In this, however, I assume that having the object "minereu" between the questioning word "Cât" and the verb "avem" nullifies this necessity and so it would be "noi avem" instead? But I'm just hazarding a guess. If, however. However, you can absolutely leave out the "noi" in the coal extraction question too, and that's also correct.

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