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  5. "How much ore do we have?"

"How much ore do we have?"

Translation:Cât de mult minereu avem?

December 22, 2017



Shouldn't it be "Cât de multe minereuri avem?"


A very good question for a very delicate matter!

In Romanian, your form is expressing a question on how many types of ore there are.

The original translation is about the amount of it, regardless of their type.

It makes a lot of sense to me as a native, but I'm not sure how clear it is for you.


Why is ”Cât de mult minereu avem noi?” wrong?


In a previous sentence it was declared wrong because I did not use "noi" since the verb was conjugated in first plural (extragem).Now I used "noi" and it is wrong!Please tell me the rules for the usage of personal pronouns. I'm very confused!

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