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The new Duolingo stories for German

I just tried two of the recently released "stories" for German that have now been added under the labs section. They were relevant and enjoyable and I recommend them to anyone who wants to advance their German beyond the beginner level. They include new vocabulary and encourage translation in a more natural contextual way . They make the course more interesting.

December 22, 2017



I've read all the stories and would definitely recommend them too


I have tried three of the stories. They add an element to Duolingo that has heretofore been missing. I hope that the Duolingo developers and administrators will get plenty of positive feedback, so that this feature will be kept and further refined.


I just did the first story and found it funny while learning new words.

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Hey Operaphile, das sieht nach Spaß aus!

Danke für das Teilen, Susan

Was ist deine Spezialität? Mein Fachgebiet ist die kardiologische Intensivmedizin.


Sehr interessant. Meine Spezialität ist Psychiatrie, Ich arbeite in einem öffentlichen Krankenhaus.


Oh finally! Thanks for your review.


I tried them and I really liked them too!


Die deutschen Geschichten sind großartig!


I started to learn German on Duolingo about five years ago as I was going on a Baltic cruise on a German crewed ship

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