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  5. "我不是学生。"


Translation:I am not a student.

December 22, 2017



Still learning how all of this works do the character break down as "I 我/ am not 不是/ a student 学生" ? Would I am a student be "I 我/ am是/ a student 学生" ?


Literally, wo (I) Shi (am) xue sheng (student). To stress you are A student, use yi ge 一个 (a). 我是一个学生


The 一 is not really required. You can remove it and it will still sound okay.


Thanks for asking. I needed this clarification


One of the answer choices is drunk. "I am not drunk" seems like an important think to learn to say.


You should not even be talking if your literally trolling duolingo


The current sound pronunciation sounds like a gorilla. Woooo bu shi xue sheng


The word for birth and student is the same ? I don't get it


In an earlier sentence I had peeked at the meanings of each character & birth was joined with learn/study. I thought it was pretty cool that the word for student means the birth of learning. It made me very happy to figure out the birth of more words.


it's not. 学生 is a student. 生 is not.


birth is “出生” student is “学生”


Some characters are used with other characters to make even more words. The original meaning of the character may or may not have something to do with the final meaning. Sometimes a character is added which has nothing to do with the meaning and the sound is similar to the final outcome, but not always. These characters are separate, but are both needed for the final English word "student" I was over thinking it and was guessing that student + birth would make a new student, but oh well! I have been reborn - now I am a student! I am curious as to the etymology of this use of the two characters together. Ah here we go, and it turns out that this is the simplified form: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E5%AD%A6%E7%94%9F https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E5%AD%B8%E7%94%9F#Chinese


Actually, birth is 生, student is 学生


"Wo bu shi xue shang" Is my hearing gettin bad or...?


The e in the endings -en and -eng is pronounced as a schwa.


could barely hear the "yi" in the audio. not sure if anyone else experienced the same


What yi? Scroll up for the sounds you should hear.


Come on is there a big difference between I am not a student and I am i am not student


Difference between hen meaning am (wo hen gaoxing) and shi meaning am?

[deactivated user]

    I don't understand why they tell us to translate a word but we don't know what it means. I had to guess what 学生 means.


    You can click on a word to see hints.


    Then why bushi wasn't explained ?

    Bu is not but shi ? They didn't say, as far as i remember


    Shi is the verb used for “to be”, but it stays the same for all the pronouns, so it can mean: am, is, are.



    exactly, this needs to show every time


    That is correct man. You do not even know how to speak Mandarin. You are so stupid. STUPID ALERT! STUPID ALERT!

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