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entgegen treten?

Ich verstehe diesen Satz nicht völlig:

Er trat sie unverschämt unverlogen entgegen.

Is the idiom here "entgegen treten"? Does it mean to find someone to be x?


December 22, 2017



It would have to be "Er trat ihr unverschämt, unverlogen entgegen". Entgegen always uses the Dativ.

"jemandem entgegen treten" means to face someone, it's often used with adverbs like in your sentence to describe in what way it is done. So "treten" in this case is used as "to step" (I think it has the same etymological origin as "to tread").

There's also "dem Schicksal entgegen treten" which means "to face fate".


There is the word „verlogen” in German. It means a person who is lying. But the word „unverlogen” does not exist


Your quoted sentence seems grammatically wrong to me.

If it's a direct quote, then the source might not be the best thing to read if you're learning German.

jemandem entgegentreten is something like "meet, confront someone".

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