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Have a Merry Chinese Christmas!

Everybody keep up the good work on learning Chinese in this festive season!

Actually today is already a big day for Chinese because it is Winter Solstice/冬至! The winter solstice always comes a few days ahead of Christmas. The harvest has finished and all the farm works come to a halt. The family gathers and celebrates the start of winter.

At Christmas/圣诞节, you might want to decorate/布置 your living room/客厅 with a Christmas tree/圣诞树. Otherwise where would you put/放 the Christmas presents/圣诞礼物 for your family?

To buy Christmas presents, you probably would watch out/留意 whether shopping malls/购物商场 have big sale/大减价 or give discount/打折. How would you say in Chinese “My son wants a toy train/玩具火车.”?

For those living somewhere else, you would write/写 Christmas cards/圣诞卡 for them/ 给他们.

On the Christmas day/圣诞日(or on the Christmas eve/圣诞前夕?) you might have on your table a roast turkey/烤火鸡 and a Christmas pudding/圣诞布丁, and eat a whole lot of things/大吃一顿.

Say to each other I wish you/我祝你 a Merry Christmas/圣诞快乐 and a happy New Year/新年快乐! If you don’t want to say 2 times 快乐, you can make a change with Progress in the New Year/新年进步, but remember no one say 圣诞开心 or 新年开心, although 开心 is also translated as Happy.

Merry Christmas! I am on my vacation! 圣诞快乐! 我去渡假啦!

December 22, 2017






不得了!你的中文已經第16級了,比我強咧! :)



大家,加油! (Not to be confused with 火上加油). 聖誕節快樂!


Merry Christmas, everyone!!


“Christmas Eve”更地道的说法是“平安夜”(‘safe and sound night’)哦。(维基百科:https://zh.wikipedia.org/zh-cn/%E8%81%96%E8%AA%95%E5%A4%9C)

圣诞快乐! :)


Yes. I think it is because the first line of the Christmas carol "Silent night, holy night,…" has been translated as "平安夜,聖善夜,……"





平安 can mean "peaceful". However, the translation is correct because of German translation Stille Nacht that literally means "Silent Night".


I don't think they celebrate Christmas in China??


However, there are religious people across the world who celebrate that holiday. Such holiday becomes very widespread across the world. :)

I've been to Taiwan many times, and I noticed those who go to church in Taipei.


It depends on what "celebrate" means. And in Hong Kong and Singapore Christmas is a public holiday.


Singapore isn't part of China, it's an independent country. Also, did you know that chewing gum in public is banned in Singapore?


For Mainland China, they don’t celebrate Christmas officially, but it’s still quite popular, especially among young people in cities. They even give each other apples (苹果, píngguǒ) on Christmas Eve (平安夜, píng’ānyè). And it’s not difficult to spot Christmas decorations in commercial areas as well.

Christmas is a public holiday in Hong Kong & Macau.

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