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  5. "Žofie speaks slowly."

"Žofie speaks slowly."

Translation:Žofie mluví pomalu.

December 22, 2017



Is "Zofie pomalu mluvi" an acceptable alternative word order for this sentence? Also, this has nothing to do with this sentence but I don't know where else I could report this issue: I noticed a skill in my Czech tree (Present 1) which would never turn golden, no matter how many times I strengthen it (I must have done it more than ten times already). Is that a bug?


You could say Zofie pomalu mluvi but..... It is archaic and/or poetic as mentioned above OR it can also mean that she is nearly talking. Baby Zofie is nearly talking. Typically you would also insert už for already there Zofie uz pomalu mluví but it is not needed.


"Žofie pomalu mluví" sounds poetic or as if stressing the verb, it wouldn't usually be said out loud.

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