Daŭrigu la lernadon de Esperanto kun instruistino

La Jagelona Universitato (Kraków, Pollando) invitas vin kontinuigi la studadon de Esperanto en internacia kurso. La lecionoj okazados 1-foje semajne, en Interreto, vive, kun universitata instruistino. Post la kurso oni ricevas de la fama universitato oficialan konfirmilon pri partopreno, kun marko de la internacia EAQUALS-kvalito.

Informoj, aliĝoj:

La kursoj de Esperanto por personoj el la tuta mondo okazas ĉiujare en tiu universitato.

December 22, 2017


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More about the course here:

Serious university level course for B2 level speakers and up, so too advanced for me yet ... but in future !

December 22, 2017

Ooh, this sounds interesting - thanks for the heads up...

December 23, 2017

I am not familiar with the course, and so I can't say whether it's worth the money and time. (It sounds pretty reasonable, though.)

As an alternative, I'll mention italki (here's a coupon) where for the same money you can get weekly private lessons for at least as long as this course lasts. (No official certificate at the end - but you'll speak much more fluently.)

There are several teachers to choose from (or to rotate through) including me. I'd be delighted if you'd book a lesson with me but if you use the coupon, you can pick from any of the Esperanto teachers there for a trial lesson.

Most cover students of all levels, from total beginner to the levels discussed in the Jagelona course.

December 23, 2017
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