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"There are three of us, including me."

Translation:Nous sommes trois, dont moi.

December 22, 2017



What's wrong with "il y a trois de nous, moi y compris" ?


The problem is that this is a literal translation from English and the French wouldn't express it that way. "There are three of us" would more simply be translated to "nous sommes trois". Any emphasis on including yourself into it (moi y compris) would make no sense here, "nous" underlines this well enough to begin with. If you really wanted to say something that comes close to the meaning and emphasis of your original phrase, you'd rather say something like: nous sommes trois ici, et j'en fais partie (we are three here, and I am part of it), or: nous sommes trois ici, et je suis l'un d'eux (we are three here, and I am one of them).

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"je suis l'un d'eux"

Please, can you tell me what is the role of "l" in front of "un"?

Could you have said "je suis un d'eux" too? Thanks.


un is also a noun, just as deux, trois etc are also nouns. As you are aware, every French noun requires an article even if we don't always translate it in English. This is particularly the case here, so un is not mistaken for the indefinite article.

Hence: Je suis l'un d'eux → I am (the) one of them.


I thought un could represent an indefinite pronoun rather than a noun.


It is like saying "we are a party of three".


Why can't you say "Ils sont trois de nous, dont moi?"


I lost this one - Why is moi after including “dont” my logic - include is a verb ? “ to include me “ so me should be before the verb and said in English after the verb ! - obviously wrong but I don’t follow !


"Including" is not a verb in this sentence - it is a preposition.



It would be really helpful, if Duo's suggestions didn't [mis]guide you here toward an incorrect translation - since 'trois' is required, that's what the hints ought to suggest.


Why is the following incorrect usage of compris "Nous sommes trois compris moi"


I have never heard of "compris" being used on people, and when it's used on objects, there is always an "y" before it.


y compris can be used on people. I believe this sentence could be written Nous sommes trois, moi y compris.


JH (the first comment) has confirmed that "moi y compris" was accepted. After going through the story of "Décisions" I came across a phrase "Y compris de notre mariage", I have a hunch that it is correct to say "nous sommes trois, y compris de moi." Could someone comment on this?


« Nous sommes trois, y compris moi » is accepted, without the « de ».


and we say also : "nous sommes trois, moi compris"... but I am not sure it is very good French :-)

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