"I do gardening in the free time."

Translation:Eu fac grădinărit în timpul liber.

December 22, 2017

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As with the reverse translation, the English on this is wrong. It would only ever be said as "My free time" not "the free time"


In this very same chapter one had to put lui in between timpul and liber. Why isn't men needed similarly here?


"Meu" is implied.


Not wishing to rock the boat too much, but can any other native speaker confirm that „a face grădinărit” is a construction that sees actual use?

The grammar structure is fine and I can see that it's simply a direct correlate to the established English version (mainline ENG „do + gerund” becomes RO „do + participle”), but I've never heard or come across the construction elsewhere. This unlike structures such as „mă ocup de grădină”, „muncesc în/la grădină”, lucru în grădină” (reg.) etc.

Not sure, but „fac grădinărit” just sounds off...


A simple search confirms that "fac grădinărit" is indeed used: https://www.google.com/search?q=%22fac%20gr%C4%83din%C4%83rit%22

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