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Duolingo Stories

How can I get the most out of Duolingo Stories? Should I do them over and over? How have you used them and what recommendations do you have for using them?

December 22, 2017



I usually keep them as a bit of a treat, rather than racing through them all.

I have only gone back to a story, in order to get a perfect score. However, now they don't show which ones were not perfect (I think there were three stars before?) So I will probably do them again immediately, rather than coming back later (and then not remembering which ones to do again).

Also, for the first two French Stories, sitesurf has created decks in Tinycards. I plan to do those first. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25611573


Sitesurf is the best. I have been writing down the vocabulary in my notebook as I go through. There is a lot of vocabulary that is new to me in these stories, but I can get it through the context clues. Thank you for answering my questions. Bonne continuation!


You can treat them as additional (and harder) Duolingo lessons.

Go through a story once. Write down the vocabulary you don't understand. Study them. Create your own sentences. Pronounce them out loud. Do the same thing you do to normal Duolingo lessons. Go through the story again to "strengthen" skills. Rinse and repeat. Move on to the next story. Space them out as necessary.


Thank you. That sounds like a good idea. I do write down the new words in my notebook, but so much of what I am finding valuable in the stories is the new vocab that will not be reinforced in the tree. Rinse and repeat until I remember.

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