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Better understanding of the world through language: Catalan election edition

Soon after I joined Duolingo, the Catalan course caught my eye. I had never thought about learning Catalan before; I had only (at least knowingly) heard it once. Now, about a year after doing all the lessons a first time and having done about 3/5 of the tree well, I've been listening to Catalan news-type podcasts for months and last night watched the big election night wrap-up on the TV3 app. The perspectives in Catalan-language media, well, they're pretty different from what you might otherwise encounter I dare say, but they represent a big part of the story, and it's a part of the story I could easily follow thanks to my familiarity with Catalan, which, it's safe to say, would not exist without Duolingo. So, thank you, Duolingo!

December 22, 2017



How is the Catalan perspective different from the usual European perspective on the matter?


I guess I would emphasize the plural I used above: perspectives. Not entirely sure what the usual European perspective would be, but I think it's a reasonable to say the granularity with which things are viewed outside Catalonia is less than that with which they are viewed within Catalonia. Might well be simply the level of detail that I noticed most.


Catalan is a beautiful language, I wish it would be more popular!


Is Spanish your native language? There doesn't seem to be a Spanish flag there. In that case, I would understand attaining a higher level in Catalan than, say, a native English speaker.


My first language is English. Seeing your location, I assume all your trees are by necessity "laddered." A couple of mine are, too :)

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