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Words I forget in German

This may seem unnecessary but I use Duolingo on multiple devices, And sometimes other people's. I can't have a global notepad, but I can have a global discussion. This also helps because some of my friends are also learning German. These are either helpful to remember, or are words I am struggling with. kommen-come gehen-going geht-go/is leaving ging-left (not the direction, leaving an item) geht gut-going well schlecht-bad schmutzig-dirty wichtig-important Geschlect-gender Every time I find a word I am struggling with (or one good to remember) I will add it. If you even use this, and want a word added, post it in the comments. If I have any translation errors, please tell me.

December 22, 2017



make a sentence or 2 containing the words and memorise


Idea: create a tinycard deck from these words you are struggling with.

One that I find strange: geht- going

Well, geht is the singular/3 conjugation of gehen, and going is the gerund form of go. Not the same thing.

Yes, it works in the sentences "'Es geht gut" "It is going well" but that is just one occasion.


I am going to the shop = Ich gehe in den Laden. --> 'Gehen' will mostly, if not always, translate to going if you use the progressive present tense (which is much more common).

Maybe I'm misunderstanding your point?


My point was that (s)he wrote geht = going, and geht is just one of the possible conjugations. See, it is gehe in your example.


Thanks! Sorry if I confused you! Here's a lingot


Diablofire and jzsuzi, I edited geht and gehen to to make it less confusing. I hope it helps, thanks for pointing that out!


You could add a list on your phone (assuming you have one), even if you don't use the phone for duoLingo ....

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