Du vs. Des what's the difference?

I've been having trouble with the difference between du and des in French and I'm not sure when to use du or when to use des. Can someone please help?

December 22, 2017


Du is de + le

Des is de + les -> unless it is the plural form of un/une

December 22, 2017

Du is de + le (of + the) Here, the "the" is masculine singular.

So le chateau du Roi - the castle of the King.

Des is de + les (of + the) Here the "the" is plural, either masculine or feminine.

So la maison des enfants - the house of the children.

Du and des also mean "some" - the plurals of un/une like Ian said.

Je veux du beurre - I want some butter.

Je mange des oeufs - I eat some eggs.

December 22, 2017

de + le = du de + les = des

Just like with à

à + le = au à + les = aux

December 22, 2017

However, don't be caught out by the feminine singular de + la = de la, de l' or the form de l' before a masculine noun beginning with an "h muet".

de la maison = "of the house" (maison is feminine) ; de l'hotel = "of the hotel" (hotel is masculine).

December 23, 2017
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