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Bug: Lingots debited when clicking to buy a certificate, but cancelling on the confirmation popup

Hello there!

I just ran across a glitch on the Duolingo website. I was on the Lingots store webpage, I clicked on the "Certificate" button, but when the pop-up opened, stating it would takes ~20min and asking me if I wanted to proceed, I clicked on "no" and then cancelled.

However, my lingots credit was debited all the same.

25 lingots may be quite an amount for some users, so I thought I had to report that bug ;-)




April 10, 2014



The alert asking if you wanted to proceed or not was for taking the test at the moment.. Essentially you've purchased a test, but are free to take it at any time. When you're able to take it, you can go to the store and click it to begin the test - you won't be charged again.


You're right! I was able to take the certificate test. Thanks for your answer!

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