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Alternatives to Readlang for reading/immersion practice?

Reading is great but it costs money and I'm cheap. What are some good alternatives?

December 22, 2017



Try bliubliu.com, it's similar to readlang and and the free access is IMHO more useful. The quality of the texts depends a lot on the language, though.


BliuBliu is a great site, you're right.

The disadvantage to its use for free is that it is available only in 5-minute segments. Or has that changed?

BTW, you can upload to BliuBliu your own sentences (including in bulk--a file w/ LOTS of sentences that will be used one at a time) and, IIRC, your own texts. Or has that changed?

(josie.bloom: Readlang is marvelous, you're right. What is the restricted/free membership like? I have a lifetime membership and don't know what the restrictions are.)


BliuBliu: No, those 5-min. intervals + 5 min. pausing have NOT changed.

But you can now extend 5-min intervals by recording text, upvoting BliuBliu on social media, etc.

What has changed:

They have deleted all linked 30 days challenge pages (e.g from Youtube) and the challenge intro website listing https://bliubliu.com/en/learning/challenges/ is empty.

Their Facebook shop is the only site offering the 30 day challenges.

Hopefully they add some 90days-180 days challenges in the future; I probably would like that better instead of getting stressed with 30days...


Somehow I think that 108$ (~91-94 Euro) may be (hopefully for me) better spent with a PortuguesePod101 / Innovative Language 24 months Premium subscription with their 55% OFF "holiday deals"


59,88 Euro for BliuBliu Premium 12 months subscription (40% OFF).

But I will probably not read much text on Pod101....will try their videos and Premium tools the next days....


I tested yesterday to read some beginner texts for Portuguese Brazil on BliuBliu.

It is really awesome to hear native speakers fluently speaking a longer text all in one batch and pronounce the words differently than all this TTS stuff.

This is definitely different to DuoLingo lab stories and IMHO even more challenging, as there is no stop button after each sentence.
Now after 1,2 years learning Portuguese BR with lot's of grammar and words from DuoLingo and even more words on Memrise (PT BR Basic, PT1-7), I can hopefully better master:

  • reading BliuBliu beginner / easy content texts (with a little translation help)
  • listening comprehension

than early this year testing BliuBliu after only 2-4 months of starting with Portuguese.

I am so exited!!


http://leerlibrosonline.net/ Try this. Also, google noticias en español. CNN, BBC, Telemundo, Univision, Yahoo, etc., all have news in Spanish. Most of these should be free. Try thetimesinplainenglish.com. then translate it to Spanish. Print the English out first, so you can read them side by side. This one is a machine translation, so you do need to be a little cautious about the accuracy. Or just google lecturas gratis en español.


I get books on the i-pad and use the built-in dictionary in the app. Or for free read online newspaper articles in your language.


LingQ. It is similar to Readlang. Unfortunately the free features are fairly limited.

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