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  5. "你和你父母的关系怎么样?"


Translation:How is your relationship with your parents?

December 22, 2017



Thanks for reminding me, Duo.


关 (guān) = mountain pass/to close/to turn off/to concern/to involve
系 (xì) = to connect 关系 (guānxì) = relationship/to concern

We saw 关系 before in:
没关系 (méiguānxì) = no worries

怎 = why/how
么 = [interrogative particle]
样 = manner/pattern/way/appearance
怎么样 (zěnmeyàng) = how/how about/how was it/how are things

We also just learned 样 in:

一 (yī) = one/single/entire/whole/all
样 (yàng) = manner/pattern/appearance/shape
一样 (yīyàng) = same/like/equal to/the same as


"How is your relationship with your parents?" seems the most natural translation to me, and is accepted.


When to use 跟 vs. 和 when the meaning is common ?


My chinese friend a.k.a my teacher also said that it doesn't matter the meaning is still the same


This question will not accept perfectly good answers such as:

"How is the relationship with your parents" (Sorry should have repeated "your" twice obviously.)

Nor, "How is your relationship with your parents going." (Sorry added "going")

Once again little acceptance of anything beyond a narrow English interpretation.

Even though in earlier sections of this course they taught us that 怎么样 meant "how is it going"

No consistency, appalling lack of English answers. How many times does it have to be repeated? How many years will pass?

Always being marked wrong for being correct.

I'm glad I never went to a school or university like that.


I believe "what is your relationship with your parents like?" Is the correct translation. Not accepted. 'How' is bad English!


How is you and your parents' relationship? was rejected, but would seem a more literal rendition of the Chinese (given the use of 和)


Your and the should both be answers, if the most important parts of the sentence is correct why say it's not because of a simple wording

[deactivated user]

    "How is your relationship with your father and mother?" should be considered, although I accept that 父母 metaphorically means parents.


    "Father and mother" should certainly be accepted, but "父母" LITERALLY (not metaphorically) means "parents". en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/父母


    I put between you and your parents and i got it wrong.


    It is not clear why in this example can not be accepted 跟 and only 和 is good for the sentence_ please clarify which is the difference as in similar examples in this chapter this is used...

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