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Haitian Creole

I think Haitian Creole should be on Duolingo. It has a mixed of western african languages plus the base language French. Haitian Creole is the most spoken Creole in the word (mostly spoken in Haiti but some immigrants in the United States). Haiti was a slave colony that provided trade and goods for the kingdom of France. After the treaty of Paris, the territory of Québec was lost to the British and Louisiana to the Spanish. Under the rule of Napoleon, the first African revolt proven an success. Costing lots of money to leave France as they last sugar colony was gone.

In this new Black Republic, French was the offical language and was known as the high class language. If you spoke french you could have many opportunities and even run for president. Haitian Creole was still an pidgin language (a language spoken by a group with no native speakers).

As time went on, more and more people spoke Haitian Creole as a native language. Haitian Creole developed in the 17th and 18th centuries on the western third of Hispaniola in a setting that mixed native speakers of various Niger–Congo languages with French colonizers.[22] In the early 1940s under President Élie Lescot, attempts were made to standardize the language.

American linguistic expert Frank Laubach and Irish Methodist missionary H. Ormonde McConnell developed a standardized Haitian Creole orthography. Although some regarded the orthography highly, it was generally not well received. Its orthography was standardized in 1979. That same year Haitian Creole was elevated in status by the Act of 18 September 1979. The Institut Pédagogique National established an official orthography for Creole, and slight modifications were made over the next two decades. For example, the hyphen is no longer used, nor is the apostrophe.The only accent mark retained is the grave accent in ⟨è⟩ and ⟨ò⟩.

December 22, 2017



Interesting comments. Haitian Creole actually entered the Duolingo incubator back on January 27, 2017, however.


The estimate is that it will be done by the 31


Thanks. I edited it.

[deactivated user]

    I've been hoping for the Haitian Creole course to get finished but sadly not much work has been done recently


    They DO need to put Haitian Creole on. I am going to Haiti on January 17th!


    how will I know when Haitian Creole comes out?

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