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The problem with placement testing in duolingo

After taking french at school for about 2 months, I finally decided to see what duolingo was to see how much I really knew about french. I decided to take the placement test. I understood a lot of the things on it but also didn't understand other things. I completely nailed basic stuff like i am and the different genders and other simple words. But after getting the forth thing wrong I had made it about 75% of the way through. Although I thought I wouldn't have to learn the basic stuff seeing how I had gotten it right on the test. It said I hadn't show myself worthy of any skills. After that I tried the first 3 skills and completed them In less than 10 minutes. I think I only got 1 answer wrong. But it was a stupid mistake mixing up 'le' and 'un'. I wasted 10 minutes when I could've had those already completed since I had shown I was capable. Has this ever happened to anyone else? tell me below.

December 22, 2017



I think that the difficulty of the questions you get on the test depends on what answers you give to previous questions, meaning, it is not a set list of questions out of which everyone gets a final score, but one that is adapted based on the knowledge you show with every answer. So if you make silly mistakes in basic things, the computer will not then give you more difficult questions that you may answer correctly. It will still give you basic material and then score you on that basic level because it does not think you can handle anything more complicated based on your previous answers. When you have a very good grasp of the language however, you can practically test out of the whole tree. You have only been taking French for 2 months, so don't worry too much about it! Completing the skills individually without mistakes rather than testing out is still great progress for a beginner. Also, at this stage, if you test out you will probably miss a fair amount of vocabulary. I suggest going through the tree skill by skill, and you can always test out of them individually. :)


Of course, it has. The answers to the exercises while created by the team members are corrected by computer. The computer, of course, can't make exceptions for even small errors it doesn't realize you knew full well that "le" wasn't "un". Don't take the test results too seriously. Just go on and learn as much as you can. Try to enjoy and you'll see progress soon.


It's just the app getting to know how well you know the language. It can get frustrating though.

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