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  5. "Those girls like apples."

"Those girls like apples."

Translation:Ta děvčata mají ráda jablka.

December 23, 2017



Does rad- follow the rules the noun doing the liking ("girls," in this case for example) in terms of which ending it should get? I've been basically taking wild stabs at it, but I see for "holky" it wanted "rady" and for "devcata" it wanted "rada."


why it's wrong "ty holky maji rada jablka"?


Holky is feminine, so you would use rády instead of ráda.


AHHH thanks this "Rad" is difficult


I'm guessing "ráda" is the plural neuter Form?


which means (trying to follow the thread discussion here) that in 'mají ráda', ráda follows 'děvčata' so ráda should not be 'rádi'? thanks for your patience as i sort this out!


Why is "Ta děvčata ráda jablka." not acceptable?


Mít rád = 'to like'


It appears to me that in Czech you are not "hungry" or "thirsty", you "have hunger" or "have thirst". Similarly, you don't "like" something, you "have a liking" for it. Hence there always seems to be "ma" in front of "rad".


this is similar to Español, where one has hunger (tengo hambre) rather than being hungry...


In colloquial speech it is possible, but not in standard Czech.


To děvčata is not possible?


You need plural demonstratives with plural nouns.


What doea mají mean and do you always need it when using the word řada?


The construction mít rád/mít ráda (etc.) means "to like." You will come across the mít rád construction often.

Mají is the third person plural form of mít in the present tense. The form of mít changes depending on the gender and number of the subject. Rád is a short-form adjective, and its ending also changes according to the gender and number of the subject..

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Tyto dívky mají rády jablka....neuznalo.


Tyto = "these." Tady máme "those."


I tried "Ty dívky mají rády jablka" and was marked wrong. Then I tried "Ty dívky mají ráda jablka" and it was accepted, but it said I had a typo and should have used "rády"!


"Ty dívky mají rády jablka" is accepted. But since we have no current report for it, and we can't see exactly what you wrote, we can't say why it may have been rejected. Please use the Report button when you are reasonably sure that your answer was correct.


Trouble is, I didn't realize there was a bug in the first attempt until I made the second attempt. Not sure how to deal with that kind of situation.


If rada means like then why we use maji


Please see the existing answers at this page (namely the answer to KadenSkinner), it is a special construction, do not translate single words.


So, if using 'holky', "Ty holka mám rádi jablka", should gave used, "mají rády"? TY


It would be ""Ty holky mají rády jablka." Dívka and holka are both feminine.

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