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  5. "špatný strom"

"špatný strom"

Translation:wrong tree

December 23, 2017



They wanted to tumble the bad tree. But they mistakenly tumbled a wrong tree. ;) hm?

Asi by neznělo přirozeně kdybych nemocný nebo nějak nebezpečný, jedovatý strom nazvala bad? Ale v nějakém hororu o stromě u kterého se dejou špatné věci, by ta věta snad mohla být?


It could mean that someone is searching a (tree) and one person said "no, this is not the tree that are looking for, wrong tree" You have to look sense to the words


How can a tree be wrong?


So often people complain that something is impossible when it would be enough to employ their phantasy just for a short time. Someone can cut a wrong tree (he was meant to cut a different one). You could get a wrong tree (ordered a different kind). The options are countless...


I think for most people, they don't understand it account that Duolingo is using these words and phrases to teach the basics.


Easy. You ask your gardener to plant a pine tree. He accidentally plants a cedar tree. You say "that's the wrong tree!"


You hung the swing on the wrong tree!


I, as a Polish speaker though špatný meant "ugly", because that's what szpetny means in Polish.


Android shows this as "wrong tree", should this be more like "bad tree" as in rotten?


I want to say: 'wrong color'. Is 'špatná barva' correct?


For example, in the good film "Terminator", the first Sarah Connor is the wrong person, and for example in our history, Hitler, him, is a bad person. I suppose "špatný" means "bad" or "wrong": question. Voila, sorry for my english ^^.


It means both.


Is "špatní strom" correct (instead of "špatný")? I'm pretty sure I used it as answer and it was accepted.


No, that is not correct, see the Tips and notes about adjective declination. špatný uses the hard declination (špatný, špatná, špatné)


I hope everybody knows that this frase could be used to said that the tree that we are looking for is the "wrong tree"

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