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BUG 1: Continue button covers the end of the phrase. BUG 2: Can't post in Troubleshooting section.

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While strengthening skills in German from English tree, the Continue button covers the end of this long phrase: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13894282

What I should see:

Die Außerirdischen können nicht nur durch die Zeit, sondern auch durch Dimensionen reisen.

What I see is:

Die Außerirdischen können nicht nur durch die Zeit, sondern auch durch Dimension


Posting in Troubleshooting section redirects to 404 error.

December 23, 2017



BUG 1: You already reported it here:


and here


BUG 2: The error 404 is not real (which is the actual bug), so even when you get a 404, reopen the Discussion homepage, then click on the New tab and you should see your post. If you don’t, refresh the page few times and the post will appear.

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Oh, I see. Well, after getting the 404, which is a dead end, no other links there, I reopened Duo and navigated to the Troubleshooting section and the message was not there, so I posted again.

So: posted, 404, reopened a second time, posted, 404, reopened a third time... the messages were not there. Then I posted here and it worked fine, no 404, the message appeared immediately.

I guess I'll leave all three messages for now so it will be easier to understand what happened.

By the way, BUG 3: even though I followed this discussion, it refused to appear on my Followed Tab. Checked this several times. It appeared eventually. It seems there are some delays.


You made me realize that I misworded my explanation; I actually should've written reopen the Discussion homepage, because just like you said, there'll be nothing to click on once you're redirected to the 404. I'll edit my reply for clarity. Thanks!

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I know the New Tab, that's where I checked after every 404 error. The messages were not there.

I thought it's just like inside the lessons, where if you get a 404 error when clicking on the Discuss button, then that's it, nothing more you can expect there. Even though, and this is strange, I keep getting emails announcing new comments in a particular discussion thread that gives me the 404 error. So I must have followed it some time ago, hence the emails, but I can't get to it now, even though it seems that other users can.

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