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What made you learn a different Language?

I see that there are millions of people on Duolingo and I have been curious to see how you found Duolingo and why you are learning a different language? Please comment below and share!

December 23, 2017



I wanted to learn Japanese because I was going to go on a trip to Japan a couple of months after. I found Duolingo but it didn't offer Japanese at the time. I liked the interface, though, so I decided to start learning Spanish. I didn't have a reason to specifically learn Spanish, I just found the Duolingo interface fun to use. I eventually did come to love Spanish due to Duolingo, and practice it for hours every day.


My wife introduced me to Duolingo and I started using it to prove a point to her - that you need to practice every day to learn a new language (she was starting to learn Spanish). I started making that point 1224 days ago.


Well, I sometimes travel to Germany. While my German for quite some time now has been sufficient to find the Mietwagen desk, to order Schnitzel und Spätzle at a Schänke and say "Ich auch!" when someone was ordering another round of Weizen, and then on my way back to head to the Abflug section of the airport, that's pretty much it.

So I figured I want more... It's hard to believe, but there are Germans who don't speak English, so I felt really miserable when I was limited to saying "internationale Freundschaft" without any intro or continuation. XD


My family and I like going to Spain a lot and I thought it'd be nice if I just got to a basic-intermediate level. I never had plans to get to the level I am now nor did I ever have plans to start trying to learn French to an advanced level as well xD (Although I have to learn French at school)


my school teaches a heck ton of languages (Arabic, English, French/Spanish and German) and out of all of them I found German to be my favorite (also since I wanted to be ahead of class and the teacher sucks lol) my native languages are English, Arabic and Russian


My sister introduced Duolingo to me, and I used it for French. Then, naturally, I got bored and I half forgot about Duolingo. Fast forward a few months later, where I'm on a trip where I met two native Spanish speakers. They spoke almost perfect English, but they often spoke in Spanish to each other. It sounded so beautiful I decided I wanted to learn it. Of course, where better to learn Spanish than Duolingo? Then I went crazy and added a bunch of other languages. And I discovered the forum, where I spend 10 hours a day on.


I already take German, and I wanted to be ahead of my class. So I take it on here now too!


I used to study English and Russian languages at the Warsaw university.Now I;m in seventies and I want to improve my poor English. Sometimes I do not agree with Duolingo corrections of my mistakes


I don’t know how I got onto this app, but it’s certainly very good! Because Languages are interesting and challenging for me, I keep going and try to finish them. Duolingo doesn’t provide all the grammar, but you can definitely learn a lot of vocabulary From it!



I was working on a reaction paper when I decided I'd prefer to focus on anything else... So, here I am, learning polish and trying to improve my knowledge in languages I already speak.. Learning makes me more self-confident..


I first heard of Duolingo back in April of 2016. I forgot about it for a while, then in July 2016, I decided I wanted to learn a language rather than just being dependant on people learning English, so August 1st 2016 I joined Duolingo, I first tried Spanish, found it really fun, however I wanted to learn a language that was common but not that common! So during a cruise I went to Portugal practised my basic Spanish and they didn't understand me! Lol so then it suddenly clicked that they spoke Portuguese, that's why I wanted to learn Portuguese. I sometimes do a bit of Spanish but far more into Portuguese. :) Lost a 367 day streak because I went on a cruise in August 2017, went again to Portugal and they understood me! (Even though it's more Brazilian Portuguese than European) lol I never think I can get past August really.


Family and friends because all of them speak French and German so I am learning duolingo to learn how to understand everything there saying


Someone once said "Welsh is the proof aliens visited earth" - and I agree :-) it's so funny !

It's not useful but scratches my curiosity.

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