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  5. "경기장 상태가 좋지 않습니다."

"경기장 상태가 좋지 않습니다."

Translation:The condition of the stadium is not good.

December 23, 2017



The stadium conditions are not good. Also acceptable imo


I just tried 3 different ways to say this in English and it didn't like any of them, so I gave up and copy-pasted the suggested answer just to get it done. I recommend expanding the possible answers a little bit. And, for things like "Conditions at the stadium are not good." is there a way to say that in Korean that is distinctly different than the provided Korean? "The condition of the stadium" sounds more like it's talking about the physical building, but I was thinking about weather damage to the field or something and "conditions at the stadium" felt like a good way to express that. This answer being wrong confused me since it implies there is a different way to formulate the Korea, so if someone can explain how to say "Conditions at the stadium are not good." in Korean that does not get confused with the above, please let me know. What about "Conditions of the stadium are not good."?


Why is there no 의 after 경기장?


It is not necessary (i.e. it's implied that 상태 is about 경기장 without 의)


It doesn't really matter.


"The stadium is not in a good condition" should be accepted;;


競技場 狀態가 좋지 않습니다.


"Condition of the stadium is not good" would be the most appropriate translation. Placing another article "The" in the beginning of this sentence is awkward.


Why is my answer wrong?

(My answer: the stadium is in bad condition. ) (Correct answer: The condition of the stadium is not good.)

P.S. I'm Korean. 솔직히 같은 뜻은 인정해줘야 하는 거 아님? 한국어는 어순을 바꿔도 말이 되는 것들이 많은데


Your answer means the same but doesn't use the same words. So it's a fine translation but it's the wrong answer because the goal here is to learn not to translate.


Does this mean "The condition of the stadium is not good" i.e. the stadium needs repairs or cleaning?

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