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December 23, 2017



지구 (地球):the Planet Earth

本(근본 본): (this one looks very unrelated so I'll copy-paste the meanings and hope for someone to clarify which one is used here)

  1. root
  2. roots
  3. stem of plant
  4. original
  5. Source
  6. herein
  7. hearts, nature
  8. State
  9. Background
  10. Self
  11. ancestor
  12. Motherland
  13. This
  14. Grass (unit to count vegetation)
  15. edition ( 版本 and 板本 )
  16. (units to count books)
  17. Books
  18. The principal ( 元金 ), main hall ( 本錢 )
  19. Honke ( 本clan )
  20. Agriculture ( 農業 ), agriculture ( 農事 ) 21 is based on ( 根據 -, base () 根據 spin a)


It may look unrelated, but it's 本. It means many things. Book is only a loose translation. Not too many generations ago it would have primarily meant a scroll, and so anything written, round cylindrical objects, correspondences, matters worthy of note, matters at hand, . . .


지구 [lit. ball of soil] = The (Planet) Earth or often referred to as "The Globe"*, with capital G.

  • also been referred to as 세계 (the world, geographically speaking)

지구본 = a [본, version] model of the Earth (for geographical reference) referred to as "the globe" due to its spherical shape.

지구의, a synonym of 지구본 = [lit. The Earth tool. 의 is a translitaration of a Chinese word meaning thing/instrument etc. Not 의, the Korean possessive particle.]. It also means the globe.

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