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My Wish about How "Strengthen Skills" Works

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I really wish that when I click on 'Strengthen Skills' it would pick the skills that are less golden (i.e. more in need of being strengthened) than just going from top to bottom of the tree, which is the way it seems to work. This has been a problem for me for a long time and I just haven't bothered writing about it till now (that is the season of wishing :) I guess).

12/26/17 Edit: In other words, what Woof says (in the comments below). Also, what Termascur says.

Thank you, the Duolingo team, and Happy 2018! December 22, 2017

December 23, 2017



You can always strengthen individual skills which allows you to pick and chose which skills to strengthen.

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psionpete, I know that. but as LICA98 says, I have to do a lot of scrolling and looking to figure out what is less golden and needs to be strengthened. Especially since I have already finished my tree and am working on another tree and have a lot of skills that need to be strengthened.

Termascur and Woof say what I am wishing for.


I wish strength skills strengthened two or more skills at a time. For me, it only ever seems to focus on one subject at a time, which makes it essentially useless unless the entire tree is golden. I would be fine with slightly longer practice sessions if I could re-gild multiple skills at once.


I wish it would target your weakest words and work on them, instead of just picking a random skill and strengthening that.


Yes, but the problem here is: usually the ones that you haven't strengthened for a very long time so are less golden, sometimes are very hard to get golden again, sometimes even impossible. A tip for your question: you can also just click on the one you want and press 'Strengthen Skills' if you didn't know this yet.


Start at the end of the tree. Often, a skill strengthened there also strengthens one farther up.


I too have noticed that the Strengthen Skills option tends to work down the tree, and I had been frustrated by it.

The suggestion here to choose the skill to strengthen is the easiest and it allows you to focus on the areas you feel weakest in. I did and do this myself at times but mostly I now work down the tree.

As the article that Pentann attached suggests do not use the big Strengthen Skills button but choose the skill instead.

I now work down the tree, but I choose the skill. The reason for this is that Duolingo, as far as I understand, uses a Spaced Repetition protocol. This means that every time a skill is gilded it will take longer for it to reappear again. My assumptions are that by doing these earlier skills, I really strengthen my understanding, eventually I will be focusing on the later skills and in time the whole tree will be gilded.

All the best with the language learning


This is how most people would like it to work. I have been trying to be patient and use the strengthening button, but now I give up. Unless you are doing a lot of strengthening exercises every day you will get stuck and find yourself doing the same skills over and over again and never reaching the lower and weak part of the tree!


Once you no longer make mistakes and use hints, the skills should remain strong for quite some time and you should be capable of moving on.

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