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"Veel parfums ruiken helemaal niet lekker."

Translation:Many perfumes do not smell good at all.

8 months ago



There are a lot of ways to translate "helemaal niet lekker", not all of which are accepted: "really unpleasant" "not good at all" "totally disgusting" "entirely bad"

Sentences that start with "Many perfumes smell" and then one of these, should all be accepted.

7 months ago


What about 'Many perfumes do not at all smell good'?

7 months ago

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In English, this structure is weird. "At all" had better be put at the end of the sentence.

3 months ago


"At all" is always at the end of the phrase. Try this article, it' short and explains well usage of this phrasal verb http://dictionary.cambridge.org/grammar/british-grammar/useful-phrases/at-all

6 months ago

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I submitted, "Many perfumes do not at all smell nice," and was marked wrong.

1 month ago


DutchlearnerRJ, would you please clarify your answer to my query. Did you mean that my sentence is not proper Dutch when you wrote "not English"? Thank you in advance for your answer.

5 months ago


Coud helemaal be at the end of the sentence too?

2 months ago