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  5. "Co je tvým největším přáním?"

"Co je tvým největším přáním?"

Translation:What is your greatest wish?

December 23, 2017



could someone please explain why the instrumental is used in Czech here?


To me instrumental sounds a bit too pompous or bombastic or wanting to sound posh. There are some advisory rules for nominative / instrumental that no one remembers. The difference is supposed to be if the "is" is a general or eternal fact or just a temporary fact. I wouldn't bother with these.


Both would be acceptable in Czech (and are among the accepted translations on Duo). I personally prefer the instrumental here as it sounds richer to me but you might hear me utter the nominative as well, when I don't think before I speak. :) Not sure when you can use both, but as a rule of thumb, I'd say "to be something of someone" can go with both cases.


I believe both "biggest" and "greatest" should be both valid.


You really have to report the complete sentence that was rejected. Tou should use "My answer should have been accepted".

Both are accepted and we have no reports.


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