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Stroke orders for all characters in duolingo Chinese course

The hellochinese iOS app added an add-on section which has the stroke order information for all the characters in duolingo Chinese course. And you can also practice handwriting every character using its stroke recognition feature.

December 23, 2017



It'd be awesome if Duolingo had both.



If this were to be included for Far East Asian languages, like Chinese and Japanese, that emphasize stroke-order in characters, that would be great!

In case you want to try the writing practice, along with writing and productive learning, try LingoDeer. The structure is fixated, and all Chinese, Japanese and Korean courses are longer than Duolingo's, but they are all awesome! You can also "Test Out" to skip ahead (can only be done from very bottom).


Where can this feature be found? I just downloaded the app but having trouble finding the add-on. Thanks!


It's under its sidebar, you can find it by tapping the upper left menu.


Are these features free? Are these features available on the Android App version?


Is it only me or that add on has been removed from HelloChinese? I can't find it anymore after the update on HelloChinese...

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