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So, do I ever actually need to write anything in Chinese?

I see regular translation from Chinese to English. English to Chinese has just a selection of characters to choose, which is very easy compared to actually having to produce the text by myself. I'm level 4 now, does it happen later?

December 23, 2017



Not unless you’ve been placed into the A/B test in which you are given the option to type. You can check if you are when you are asked to translate from English to Chinese and on the bottom gray bar in the lesson it says something along the lines of Use Typing.


So you're telling me my ability to type in these exercises is part of an A/B test and this isn't available to all users?

Such rape. I hate that people commit such acts against other people.

I hate playing a guessing game when discussing usage of the site...which features are results of this A/B test or that...trying to figure out what is a bug and what is part of an A/B test...they don't communicate about any of it.

This is why I feel such intense animosity towards the DuoLingo team and feel so betrayed. This is why I cancelled my paid subscription. This is why I have stopped using DuoLingo recently.

I've taken a break and I'm hoping to come back in a few weeks or months to see if they've fixed any of these issues.

If they're still pulling this garbage left and right, I just won't come back. They don't seem to need me at all.


Yes, when you have to translate from English to Chinese sentences, you have the option to manually type Chinese by clicking the button below the character selections.

Warning: I would like to mention that since developers haven't fully explored different ways to write a correct sentence, I suggest you stick to the old option. Otherwise, some sentences may not be filtered or noticed as solutions.


i'm on level 10 and haven't come across any chinese writing exercises yet so i don't think it will ever happen

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