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  5. "Odkud je ta turistka?"

"Odkud je ta turistka?"

Translation:Where is the tourist from?

December 23, 2017



I've just answered this as a "Select the missing word" - and it offered me "turista" and "turistka" as my options. As far as my researches so far go - turista seems to be tourist (m) and turistka is tourist (f).

I don't really understand how a male tourist gets to end in a, but my main question is how I deduce that turistka is the correct answer rather than turista... Is it that it has to agree with "ta"?

But as far as I can remember every masculine noun I've come across so far has ended in a consonant (even down to a neuter "to auto" becoming a masculine "ten automobil" when it gained its end consonant), so "ten turista" seems as though it would be very weird. Am I missing something or just barking up the wrong tree?!


Yes, it has to agree with ta. The "je" tells you that it is singular. Once you know that "ta" tells you it is feminine.

There is a whole masculine paradigm ending with -a (in textbooks it is "předseda" - a chairperson). There is another vowel ending paradigm "soudce" (a judge). And nouns of soft adjective origins end with -í (mluvčí - a spokesperson).



Excellent answer, thank you. (Though I am sad to hear there are masculine nouns with vowel-endings - I thought that was maybe one hard-and-fast rule to count on - but at least now that I know about them, I can be on the lookout!)

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