"Až ji uvidíš, všechno jí řekni."

Translation:When you see her, tell her everything.

December 23, 2017

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Why is my "Tell her everything when you see her" not accepted? Changing word order has not been a problem before.


Is there a difference between "once" and "when" here?


Native English speakers will be able to tell more. To me, once is the same as as soon as (in Czech jakmile). I think all of these can be the translation of and I will add them.


I noticed that the first "ji" is not accented, but the second "ji" is not. What have I forgotten? The both mean "her". Is the second "ji" in the genitive case because there is an amount ("vsechno") involved?


The first (ji) is the accusative, as the direct object. The second () is the dative, as the indirect object (as in "tell TO her").

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