Feature Request: for a creative Duolingo space

I would like to play around with Duolingo sentences by commenting with pictures, and stories or links to other content that connect with the theme of the sentence. I think websites like Padlet would be a good idea to connect to Duolingo. I've created this Padlet wall as starter - for those of you learning Spanish, I invite you to add to the wall with any text or media you feel inspired to post.

Here's my request, starting with a sentence in Duolingo, a natural progression could be having the learner discuss more about the sentence in a safe and large display where each and every contribution is the focus. Padlet is what I could find that lets people's comments display like a poster on a community message board. By playing with the words from the sentences, bringing in pictures and more stories, I think Duolingo learners can most importantly see the language in USE, USE it themselves, and of course practice their vocabulary and grammar. What I think could be nice is to have such an interface built into the discussion section for each Duolingo sentence. And the discussion would have to be moderated mostly by the community which I think is what is partially happening right now with Upvotes and Downvotes. The two default rules would be: 1) participate in the practicing language of the sentence and in the theme given by the sentence, and 2) anybody (age, gender, nationality, etc...) is welcome to participate so any content that makes people feel unwelcome is not appropriate for the space and will be removed.

While Duolingo has a lot of instruction, what it needs (and actually, what the whole Internet of language learners need) is a place to have fun using the language. Features that we see in Padlet are a great way to start.

What do you guys think?


December 23, 2017


I always love it when users bring up interesting, creative ideas to better this site. Honestly, I think your request would somewhat make-up for the loss of Immersion. I say this because your idea sounds much like an avenue for learners to immerse themselves in their target language and actually interact with the sentences. We would be doing more than simply translating; we would "actively" learn. Sometimes, when I do lessons, I feel like I'm not truly learning anything, even with keeping a notebook and repetition. Having images and stories to connect our knowledge would seem beneficial. And, as you say, we would be able to implement our learning in an active way. This would certainly be great for visual learners, or potentially any learners, as well.

Thank you for sharing this!

December 23, 2017

Wow. I need time to process this LOL.

December 23, 2017

:D I put my wordy pedagogical opinion into there. But it's basically, you learn something then you use it right away. With Padlet, it becomes a discussion with pictures, stories, and other links. (Or you can just visit the Padlet wall and play around with it).

December 23, 2017

Not a bad idea

December 23, 2017
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