"Co bys dělal bez otcova auta?"

Translation:What would you do without your father's car?

December 23, 2017

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If the speaker is a sibling, then "what would you do without father's car" '(without the "our") is correct


Could it be: What would you do without my father's car? Or in such context adverb always belong to the subject?


Your assumption is correct. When the adverb is missing, it belongs to the subject. If it doesn't than you have to specify it.


Thank you. It confused me because in Russian that form allows both translations.


Thank you. However, I would call "your" etc. a possessive pronoun, not an adverb.


It is weird. I asked the same question in HiNative and some native confirmed that my assumtion was correct. I.e. both translations are possible. Can you confirm that you are native and you are 100% sure that translation "What would you do without my father's car?" is not possible at all?

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