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FlashAcademy language app Review

I have and I use it daily. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT ! It has actual native speakers instead of robotic voices. You also get a quick 3 second vidéo of a native speaker saying the words so u can see how they form their lips when pronounciating words. The pictures are really good and like Duolingo, they have this part where you speak into the microphone BUT unlike Duolingo, it is 100% accurate. I have said nonsense into the Duolingo one and it said I was right but when I did it on FlashAcademy it said it was 0% accurate out of 100.

There is a really cool part that Duolingo definatly doesn't have, which is where you have a short conversation between 2 'people' and u have to translate it in ur head and there is a true or false question about there conversation. You also have to spell and form sentences. FlashAcademy teaches you things that Duolingo doesn't. For example, on FlashAcademy in the food they teach you 'cherries' and Duolingo doesn't and much much more.

Anyways, I HIGHLY recommend FlashAcademy and the link to their website is here https://flashacademy.com/. Unfortunately it isn't free but in my opinion it is worth every cent.

If u have heard of it or you have tried it out could u please tell me how u like the app.

December 23, 2017



How many words does the website teach?


Can you maybe add 2-3 empty lines to build paragraphes? Thanks.


Ok haha sry bout that


Just checked their FAQ:

Our full language courses are available in French, Spanish, German and Italian.

Okay, no Portuguese (BR) there...


Thanks for sharing; it looks awesome. It will be more awesome (for me) when they add Japanese.

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