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When should I do the bonus skills?

I bought the german bonus skills a few days ago with my lingots and tried to do them. There were 2 skills: Idioms and flirting However I found the skills to be a little bit too advanced for my current level, so I wander when is the best time to practice these 2 skills.

December 23, 2017



Honestly? It might be best to go through the bonus skills once you've finished your entire tree. That way, you'll have more knowledge to help you.

But if you feel ready to try them—even before you've finished your whole tree—then you should absolutely go for it! :-))


You can try them whenever you feel ready. Especially flirt and Christmas shouldn't be too advanced after a couple of skills. In German it is a bit more difficult though because grammar is missing.


For some reason the Christmas skill hasn't showed up for me yet and it is Christmas eve already, is it normal?


I've bought it for all language it's available for but in the last years. It should have been there. For me it hasn't shown up in the store yet too. Maybe in the next days.


Some people have been commenting about it being taken out because of antichristian backlash of the community, I haven't seen any confirmation though.


words you would learn in the Christmas skill



As you say, the bonus skills can be quite tricky. I'd also vote for not starting them until you've got most of the tree under your belt already.


Why the downvotes?? This is a genuine question anyone could have

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