"The woman is tall."

Translation:여자는 키가 큽니다.

December 23, 2017

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Is the 가 in 키가 the subject particle? Is that why 여자 can only take the topic particle here?


yeah it says it in the lesson, that you put the subject particle on 키 when you are talking about a human/person's height only and then to use the words big/small instead of high and low like when talking about buildings and mountains


What is the difference between 키가 큽니다 and 높습니다?


If I remember correctly here (and do not take my whole word for it);

When you say 여자는 키가 큽니다, you say "as for the woman, height is big." (which is the Korean way of saying someone is tall) thanks to the particles.

Saying 높습니다 more directly means "is high" and thus "is tall". You usually would use "키가 큽니다" for people, and 높습니다 for inanimate objects (and of course the opposite of 큽니다/높습니다 for small/short).


My question exactly...

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