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  5. "폐막식과 개막식"

"폐막식과 개막식"

Translation:closing ceremony and opening ceremony

December 23, 2017



閉幕式과 開幕式


閉: 닫을 폐; to close

幕: 장막 막; curtain,(figurative) Something that covers a fact or phenomenon to render it invisible.

式: 법 식; Hanja dict says that it means the same as 법(法) as in 방법(方法) which means method

開: 열 개; to open

幕: see above

式: see above


Please stop downvoting these, dear people! The Chinese characters help serious Korean learners and non-English speaking Korean learners to understand and remember the vocabulary words much much much easier and longer.


I agree. I think a small explanation is necessary to make these useful even for the average Korean learners though, by giving the Korean names of the characters (e.g. 敗 잃을 패) so that they can associate them with Korean readings more. Which is what I'm trying to achieve by replying to these comments with exactly that.


Just out of curiosity,

개폐 시간 means "opening and closing times"

So could opening and closing ceremonies be translated as 개폐 회식 ?


Native Korean speaker. It's not impossible, but I've never heard such word. I think 개・폐막식 is more natural than 개폐회식 or 개폐막식.


Thanks Narago.


why am i writing this for 5th time in this lesson ugh

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