How can I get the Christmas skill? I don't have it in the store yet. Does it appear only on Christmas? I've accumulated enough lingots for the bonus skills, but I can't seem to find it anywhere! Does anyone know when and how I can get it?

December 24, 2017


Apparently in the past the Christmas skill has been available starting on the 24th! So it should be available soon. I'm excited to try it!

Its still not available what time zone does duolingo use i think its 6:25 in california right now do they release this stuff in the morning or later

I've been trying to look up more info about the Christmas bonus skill today and it seems it was removed in December 2016 because of some vague performance issue and I can't seem to find any other word about it from staff, which is kinda disappointing :( So I may be very wrong, and there may be no intention on Duo's staff's part to bring the skill back this year

Words that you would learn in the Christmas lesson.

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