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[POLL CLOSED] Which Northeast Caucasian languages do you want me to cover on TinyCards?

Hi all,

As you might know already, I'm a minority language lover with my eyes set on the Caucasus and Central Asia. This is reflected in my TinyCards decks. I plan on covering more languages of the Caucasus, such as Karachay-Balkar, Georgian, Armenian (both dialects), and Chechen. Speaking of Chechen, I wish to diversify my language selection to the Northeast Caucasian languages. I plan on covering three languages for now (though I don't know if I'll branch out once I have my original selection). Chechen is one of them, but my issue currently is figuring out the other two. That's what this thread is for. I'm asking the people of Duolingo what Northeast Caucasian languages you want me to cover. If you're totally lost about these languages and what they are, you can read about them here. Notable features of these languages include:

  • Insane consonant inventory (i.e. a TON of consonants you have probably never heard of)
  • few vowels (with the exception of Chechen which has around 44. The heck Chechen?!?!?!)
  • Extremely complex grammar

I've created a Strawpoll for you to vote here. I've allowed checkbox choices (i.e. you can select more than one) but please do me a favor and don't check all of them. I'm trying to figure out what the Duolingo community is interested in and voting for all the languages because you're a language lover really doesn't help. Admittedly I'd do it myself but please limit your choices to 2-3 languages. This is a tricky language family, not like other languages you have likely encountered. I myself am struggling to pick languages to cover from this family. It's why I'm here asking the Duolingo community.

Since this is a big question, I will give the community 24 hours to vote on it. I will check it tomorrow at 8:00 PM EST. It's currently 8:00 PM EST. Get voting and thanks for reading!

EDIT: The poll is now closed. You can still vote, but I won't know about it. Here are the results:

Ingush and Lak won with 5 votes.
Avar had 4 votes.
Lezgian had 3 votes.
Tabarasan had 1 vote.
Dargwa had no votes.

I will start development on decks for Ingush and Lak - and potentially Avar and Lezgian. We shall see. Thank you for voting!

December 24, 2017



To be honest, I had no idea what any of the languages in the poll were because I had never heard of them. On top of the information you already gave us, I had to briefly search the languages before voting. I voted for Ingush and Lak because they seemed the most interesting by their history. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to state what I voted for here, but I'm assuming it's fine.

I just realized you gave a link to the information about the languages in your post. I feel like an idiot for having searched them on my own. Regardless, they were neat to learn about. ^ ^


You could make much better courses on Memrise. TinyCards is fine for learning vocabulary in TTS-supported languages, but it will be very limiting in what you are trying to do; Memrise gives you far more options.

I also notice that I can't vote for Khinalug in your poll.


I agree completely. However there are several reasons why I have kept developing on TinyCards rather than Memrise:

  • The time I am online is spent 100% on a mobile phone. I am not permitted to use a computer at all. The thing I like about TinyCards is that you can create decks using the mobile app. Although I would develop on Memrise if the mobile website experience wasn't complete trash and actually usable (i.e. nothing changes on the mobile site and you can't move around to see more content).

  • I'm trying to appeal to the Duolingo community. This can be best done using TinyCards since Duolingo members can simply follow me and they will be alerted when I publish a new deck (at least on mobile). Plus constant posts from advertising new courses from Memrise would be truly unwelcome.

  • Memrise seems to be screwing over their userbase. They took their Dashboard, which was perfectly fine, and completely screwed it up. It's introduced a whole new bunch of bugs that the Memrise team doesn't seem to be addressing. In addition, they removed the ability to browse user-generated courses from the Mobile apps, instead focusing only on their official courses. I along with several others feel like Memrise is going to eventually completely abandon UGCs and hundreds of thousands of hours of labor will go down the drain. The Memrise team doesn't seem to do any sort of testing with their features and they totally lack communication with their userbase, even less so than the Duolingo team. At least the Duolingo team acknowledges bugs and gives us hope that they are indeed being fixed. If you want an idea of how bad it is, just look at the first page of the Community Hub over there.

As for the poll, I have only selected languages with over 100,000 speakers. Languages with speakers any lower will have very few (if any) resources/dictionaries on them, even in Russian or Georgian. Since Khinalug has around 1,000-1,500 speakers, sources on it will be very very few. The Glosbe dictionaries for Khinalug in English and Russian each have less than 20 entries.

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